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When you think of ginger's love, I want you to feel peace, love &, positive vibes. I want you to feel educated & encouraged.

We all have those days when we don't feel like the best version of ourselves.  We want to.... "just get through the day", right???

I get it!

As the founder and designer of ginger's love, I don't want you to just feel "good"; but I want you to feel "well". Every time you wear a piece of ginger my prayer is that you feel lighter as you go through your day.  I pray you recognize the light and love you spread as it radiates towards others.


-Used as medicine in Asian, Indian and Arabic cultures.

-To Make someone or something lively.


-An intense feeling of deep affection

let "ginger's love" be your go to piece of jewelry. The medicine that can make you lively with an intense feeling of affection!!

Maranda Pair

ginger's love owner and designer
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